What is our B2C Business Model ?

Here we are offering a one-stop solution to corporates for acquiring consultants in various niches without having to undertake an entire KYC, Vetting, Request For Quotation (RFQ) process, Engagement Scope and Engagement Letter Drafting etc. This will reduce their struggle to find the right expert for peculiar projects and the hassle of admin activities in engaging a new consultant. 
Master Brains can find them consultants as per their requirements, standards and budgets where all the tedious process for engaging a consultant has already been undertaken by us. Also, Master Brains will act as the trusted partner who would give structure to this unstructured sector of ‘Finding a Professional’ in the fields of FINANCE, TAX AND LAW.

Yes, we have professionals from more than 107 cities associated with us.

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We are a Delhi based Consultancy aiming to provide a host of Financial, Legal, and Taxation consultancy services.

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Land & Building Valuation
we believe in providing you with more than just numbers; we offer strategic insights that elevate your real estate investments. Whether you're looking to buy, sell, or simply understand the true value of your property, our meticulous approach ensures you're armed with the most accurate and up-to-date information. Gain the upper hand in negotiations, secure fair deals, and maximize your returns with our PAN India valuation services. Trust Master Brains to turn real estate into real opportunities
Ideating a startup is easy but making it operational is the biggest challenge for a startup owner. Masterbrains consultants will help you plan your operations, including marketing plan, sales plan, logistics plan, supply chain management, personnel plan, etc. Our professionals are skilled in detailed operations planning as they have working experience in various industries. Plan and execute your operations efficiently with Masterbrains consultants.