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income tax consultancy


Our consultants shall guide you in one of the most crucial aspects of Income Tax i.e., Review of Income Tax Return, so that you do not miss out any Deductions or Tax benefits and you do not violate the provisions of Income Tax Act like mandatory tax audits for certain taxpayers before filing return, filing of form 67 for certain taxpayers before filing return, etc. In addition, our consultants will review the returns prepared from a taxation perspective, suggest ways for better tax planning, and comment on the completeness and accuracy of the return prepared, before filing.



Compliance with provisions of Tax Deducted/Collected at Source is a tedious process. Most business owners fail to truly understand the applicability of these provisions on their transactions. Our consultants will simplify TDS, TCS Compliances and their applicability on your entity including opinions & replies to authorities in TDS/TCS matters. Our tax professionals will analyse your business and its transactions and train your accountant to comply with TDS and TCS provisions on a daily basis. In case, you just need a clarification on any amendment related to TDS/TCS under Income Tax, our professionals would be happy to deliver the same. Moreover, in case you need to analyse a specific transaction for applicability of Tax Deducted at Source or Tax Collected at Source, our consultants have the expertise to provide deep insights on the applicability of TDS/TCS provisions.


Charitable institutions are governed by Chapter III of the Income Tax Act constituting sections 11, 12, 12A, 12AA and 13. The taxation, reporting, book-keeping of trusts is different from other entities. MB will find you the right professional with deep knowledge of the subject for your taxation needs. Our consultants will decipher the Income Tax provisions applicable to charitable trusts. They are equipped to advise on the applicability of provisions on singular transactions, which may have a huge impact on the trusts.



Search, Seizure and Survey is a very powerful weapon in the armory of Income Tax Department to unearth any concealed income or valuables and to check the tendencies of tax evasion. Our team of expert Professionals will guide you in Post-Search Proceedings and Post-Survey Proceedings, including representation before tax authorities, preparation of replies to queries of the department, recovery of jewellery and other valuables seized during search, replies to the assessments opened for the entire group post-search, etc. Moreover, a lot of assessees take the route of Settlement commission. Our tax professionals can guide you, prepare your case and represent you before the Settlement Commission too.



We keep a check on your compliances by ensuring that you do not miss out on any Hidden Compliances which may lead to complications in future, guiding you in every step so that you can focus on what matters. Our professionals will also analyse your business model/transaction for Income Tax applicability, review its appropriateness to suggest better compliance practices and improvement measures. This is a preventative and check measure which every business should be aware of, as a lot of erroneous practices or mistakes would be pointed out by the professional which may prevent future litigations, fines and penalties.



With Professionals with over 30+ years of experience, you need not worry about the most mind-numbing process in the Income Tax Law. We will identify the expert for representation before authorities for any income tax matter (e.g., scrutiny, appeals) and will prepare/research the case for representation. Master Brains’ professionals have expertise in representing clients before all Income Tax Authorities right from Assessing Officer to the ITAT/ High Court.



A crucial aspect of doing business is the ever-changing and complex nature of corporate taxation and regulatory compliances. Master Brains’ professionals will make you aware of the developments in Income Tax provisions applicable to companies and their impacts to guide you strategizing every provision to your advantage. In addition, our consultants can analyse any transaction undertaken or anticipated by the company for Income Tax provisions applicable on them and can advise them to structure it in the best possible way.



Are you planning a transaction or have you already made a transaction and now you are unsure of whether you have violated any provisions of Income Tax Act. Are you wondering whether this transaction will lead to any consequences when you file your Income Tax Return (ITR)? Stop wondering. Master Brains’ tax consultants will provide their expert opinion on any transaction undertaken or proposed to be undertaken or on applicability of a certain provision or clarification of any new/amended provision or notification.