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Who We Are?

Master Brains is a consultancy firm based in Delhi having associate partners including Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants, Investment Bankers, Registered Valuers and other consultants in the field of Finance, Tax and Law, PAN India.

What Is Our USP?

Master Brains Consultants are highly experienced and have expertise in their own specific domains. USP of Master Brains is the professionals associated with them possessing years of experience in niches like Survey, Search and Seizure under Income Tax, Benami Transactions, Succession Planning, Analysis of Cross Border Transactions, Tax/Transaction Structuring, Business Model Analysis, Ind AS, Risk Assessment, Indian Metrology Act, US Accounting, RERA Registration, Due Diligence, Representation before various Authorities like ROC/NCLT, Income Tax Department, GST Intelligence Department etc. and many more.


What Problems Are We Solving?

  1. The B2C Model

Here we are offering a one-stop solution to corporates for acquiring consultants in various niches without having to undertake an entire KYC, Vetting, Request For Quotation (RFQ) process, Engagement Scope and Engagement Letter Drafting etc. This will reduce their struggle to find the right expert for peculiar projects and the hassle of admin activities in engaging a new consultant. Master Brains can find them consultants as per their requirements, standards and budgets where all the tedious process for engaging a consultant has already been undertaken by us. Also, Master Brains will act as the trusted partner who would give structure to this unstructured sector of ‘Finding a Professional’ in the fields of FINANCE, TAX AND LAW.

Understand more with these examples:

  • ‘Company A’ is based in USA and is expanding in India, they need to associate Indian Consultants who can give them an end-to-end solution for setting up business in India. All they have to do is write a query to Master Brains and then we will undertake the entire process of finding the right professional or multiple professionals as required.
  • ‘Partnership B’ wants to convert into an LLP, however, they are unable to find the right consultant for them who could guide them in conversion process as well drafting the relevant documents to protect the interests of the partners in the long run. You just have to ping us and we will find them the right counsel/consultant.
  • ‘Mr. A’ and ‘Ms. B’ has a conflict, and they want to solve it outside the court. We can find an ‘arbitrator’ with the relevant industry experience for conciliation and dispute resolution.
  • ‘Ms. C’ has a startup and wants various consultants for various consultations, lets say a lawyer to draft the vendor agreements, a CS to incorporate the company, a CA to prepare their financial model and structure their finances & taxes. You just have to ping us and we will identify the right professionals as per your requirement.
  • ‘ABC Ltd’ is a listed company and has to prepare financial statements in compliance with Ind AS. You simply have to raise a query at Client Registration and we can connect you with the right Ind AS Consultant who can prepare the financials for your company.

Yes, we have professionals from more than 107 cities associated with us.

  1. The B2B Model –

Here we aim at reducing the gap between various tiers of professionals/professional firms. This will be achieved by seamlessly passing on the projects from one professional (outsourcer) to another professional (outsourcee) in order to provide quality and timely delivery to the client of the outsourcer. This will bring equity, enhance quality and reduce the struggle for survival of younger professionals. In this model we are facilitating outsourcing within the professional community of FINANCE, TAX AND LEGAL professionals. Thus, creating a one-stop platform where all professionals can seamlessly outsource their projects to another professional where we ensure payment of fees as well as confidentiality of client information.

Understand more with these examples:

  • ‘Professional A’ practices in the field of income tax but he gets a project where his client wants to start a new venture and wants business model planning, licensing/registrations for the new venture, incorporation services, etc. which ‘Professional A’ does not have an expertise in. All you have to do is write a query to us at masterbrains.office@gmail.com and pass on this project to a professional with expertise in these fields.
  • ‘Professional B’ practices in ROC Compliances however, they do not have the bandwidth at the moment to take up another project. Their very old friend/client approaches them to take up their ROC Compliance and Professional B is in a dilemma. All you have to do is seamlessly pass on that project to another professional who has the bandwidth to deliver it within your budget, timelines and as per your requirements. You can ping your query to us and our team will get back to you.
  • ‘Professional C’ has a client with offices in 20 states all over the country, however, ‘Professional C’ has offices only in 10 states and their client requires GST Consultants in all the states. Master Brains can be their single point of contact and we will map GST consultants for ‘Professional C’s’ client’ in the rest of the 10 states.


Yes, we are closing the geographical gaps and domain gaps at the same time.

If you have a query or your want to outsource a project, please fill our query form at:

Client Registration

If you are a professional and you have interest in getting associated with us, please fill our interest for empanelment form at Professionals Empanelment