Identification of Virtual CEOs/CFOs, ID & Mgt Personnel

Identifying Virtual CEO,CFO,ID,MGRS

Identifying Virtual CFO,CEO


The concept of a virtual CEO and virtual CFO is relatively new. Virtual CEO or Digital CEO or Virtual CFO or Digital CFO works part-time virtually with multiple companies to provide value addition, industry knowledge, and business expertise. They are the industry experts who have tremendous experience in the business world or finance world. This concept enables the company to reduce costs and get handholding in management. Virtual company management is popularising quickly as it allows the CEO or CFO to oversee multiple companies at the same time. However, despite the challenges of confidentiality and liability, the benefits certainly outweigh the disadvantages. This concept is primarily favoured amongst startups.

Identifying Independent directors


The role of the independent director, as the name suggests, is to have an independent opinion and enable the company to improve its corporate credibility and governance standards. Most public companies have to appoint an independent director. You can count on Masterbrains to help you hire an Independent Director.

who will:

  • uphold business ethics and compliance,
  • be a person of integrity,
  • possess relevant expertise,
  • act objectively and constructively, and
  • think in the interest of the company.
Identifying other management personnel


Have you ever heard of Virtual Company Management? We at Masterbrains can assist you in finding a person apt for the role in management you require in the most cost-efficient manner. We will find for you, a virtual manager who can guide your company (including startups) in effective company management. Our virtual managers will be in diverse fields, including HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Logistics, etc.

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