How Do We Work?

Client Queries/Assignments - We receive client queries or assignments or quotation requests through --- CLIENT REGISTRATION

Empanelling Consultants/Professionals - We receive empanelment requests from various consultants and professionals over the country through --- PROFESSIONAL'S EMPANELMENT. Once the empanelment is accepted the professional has to register on our website.

Identifying Client Requirements - Our team members call the clients on their time of convenience to understand their needs, assignment intricacies, budget, etc. This way we are able to achieve dual target of forming a personal rapport with the client and recognizing their requirements.

Know Your Client - Once the assignment is confirmed, the client gets registered with us after completing their KYC so that they can communicate with the professional assigned, can follow the real time status of their assignment and communicate with our team in case of any issues.

Identifying the Suitable Consultant/Professional - As per the needs of the client, we will assign a professional to the job. The professional has the choice to accept or reject the assignment and accordingly the assignment will then be sent to another empanelled consultant till the assignment is accepted. "we should get stars n reviews for consultants and a choice also to the customer for consultants if they want to – as per their budget etc to automise it"

Signing in and Undertaking the Assignment - Once the professional accepts the assignment he/she can sign into their user account, access their assignments with indicated timelines, communicate with the client and communicate with our team in case of any issues.

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