Company Law Consultancy

Company Incorporation Service


Incorporating a company / company formation is a task that really needs untangling. Masterbrains’ consultants will simplify it for you by breaking down the process for you. One can incorporate a Private Limited, Public Limited, One-Person-Company, etc. Our company law consultants will ascertain the availability of Name, preparation of Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association, compliance in various forms including SPICE+ and AGILE PRO Forms. Our company law consultants will provide end-to-end support for incorporation of company from application till procurement of incorporation certificate.

Health Check-up of legal compliances


We keep a check on your company law compliances by ensuring that you do not miss out on any Hidden Compliances that may lead to complications in future, guiding you in every step so that you can focus on what matters. Masterbrains’ company law consultants will also analyse your business model/transaction for Company Law applicability, review its appropriateness to suggest better compliance practices and improvement measures. This is a preventative and check measure that every business should be aware of. In the process, many erroneous practices or mistakes would be pointed out by the professional which may prevent future litigations, fines and penalties.

Business Model Analysis


Companies at some point in its business cycle plan to open branches in multiple states or introduce a new vertical within the company or wants to incorporate a company for a new business model. While planning all these activities, there are multiple compliances and company law provisions applicable like constitution of a special committee, appointment of independent directors or women directors, etc. To facilitate the same, Masterbrains' company law consultants will analyse the company for the provisions applicable under the Companies Act and suggest steps to be undertaken by the company to comply the same, thereby reviewing your new business model from company law standpoint.

Review of Books of Accounts and Financial Statements


Most enterprises have in-house accountants to maintain their books of accounts and for the preparation of financial statements; however, they may feel a need for REVIEW. The review has multiple advantages - cross-checking of book entries from a company law perspective, whether all beneficial provisions have been utilised to the advantage of the company, whether presentation and disclosure is proper, etc. Our consultants will ensure all these points during the review and will provide their advice for better presentation and disclosure practices.

Representation Before Authorities


With Professionals with over 30+ years of experience, you need not worry about the most mind-numbing process in the Company Law Consultancy. We will identify the expert for representation before NCLT/NCLAT/High Court for any company law matter and will prepare/research the case for representation. Master Brains' professionals have expertise in representing clients before all relevant courts or forums.

Providing Opinion


Are you planning a transaction, or have you already made a transaction, and now you are unsure of whether you have violated any provisions of Companies Act? Are you wondering whether this transaction will lead to any consequences on your Financial Statements? Stop wondering.. Master Brains' tax consultants will provide their expert opinion on any transaction undertaken or proposed to be undertaken, the applicability of a certain provision or clarification of any new/amended provision or notification.

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