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financial consultation
Tax Planning


Tax Planning – have you heard about it? It means structuring your transactions and finances in the most optimum way to reduce the tax liability on your business and on your personal income. Masterbrains tax planning experts will analyse your business and personal finances to chalk out a customized plan for your business and personal taxes, within the four corners of law, keeping in mind your requirements.

Invest Planning


Investment Planning is crucial for corporates trying to make a name for themselves in this competitive and fast-paced world. Masterbrains investment experts will analyse the size and needs of your business to chalk out customized investment planning for your entity.

Proper investment planning serves the following purposes:

  • safeguarding the future of your entity
  • enabling it to stay afloat as a going concern even during hard times
  • increasing the credibility of the entity before business investors.

Our consultants have the experience in planning investments for proprietorship firms, partnership firms, LLPs, companies, and all other forms of entities.

Retirement Planning


Are you also struggling to talk to a tax expert or investment expert to understand where you can invest? Do you also want guidance on how to build wealth? Don’t worry, Masterbrains investment experts will analyse your personal investment needs to chalk out a customized investment plan to achieve the dual purpose of safeguarding your future and tax planning your personal finances at the same time.

succession planning


The biggest issue with entity structures (other than corporates) is ‘SUCCESSION’. Masterbrains consultants have extensive experience in guiding entities like proprietorships, partnership firms, LLPs, NGOs, etc., for planning their succession. They can advice you on a sound succession plan to ensure the going concern of your business. Businesses with sound succession plans stay afloat even in the most adverse situations.